Welcome to “Had The Weather Been Different”

Life is a series of chance happenings and sometimes plans. What might appear to be the most inconsequential decisions can turn out to be very important and major decisions may have little immediate impact.

When I lived in Worcester a friend called at my flat one Friday after work wondering if I fancied a beer (do bears etc.). That evening I met the woman who would become my wife. She was only in Worcester for a couple of days so it’s unlikely I would have met up with her again had I not gone out that night. If it had been raining my friend would have taken the bus straight home.

After moving to Brighton my Norton broke down and I had to pick it up from where it was being repaired. I got there early and it wasn’t ready so I went for a pint and ended up meeting another biker who has stayed a close and valued friend for 35 years.

A year or so later I bought a local paper (I didn’t normally) and a small ad led me to an audition for a band in Brighton. 34 years later I am still writing with the singer of that band and he also remains a close and valued friend.

A chance meeting on the Dover dockside with a BMW rider and his wife started a friendship that has subsequently seen us going to France together nearly every year since 1989.

Inconsequential decisions (or at least that’s how they seem at the time). I know it’s nothing new but I find it interesting.

So what’s the point of this blog? I’m not really sure. A few weeks ago I came across a motorcycle blog and I thought it was a great idea and that perhaps I could document some of my motorcycle trips. I’ve never kept a diary and as my memory is none too reliable it might be useful as an aide-memoire and even fun. Then I thought I could add a bit of music and maybe get a bit of incoherent rambling in now and again. We shall see.

Mostly it will be about France but Spain, Switzerland and the UK will feature. This may be a short lived project as I’m realising how much work there is keeping something like this going.

I’m writing mostly for myself and just enjoying the creative process with no idea who might read this (if indeed anyone does) but those who do may find something they can take away. Hotels and restaurants change so what I find good or bad one year may be different the year after. In other words “don’t blame me”.

Although the premise may have been motorcycle touring and music I’ll paraphrase Robert M. Pirsig from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and say you probably won’t learn very much about motorcycles, touring or music but if you do read it I hope you’re entertained.

My thanks to Paul at http://trumpettouring.com/ for unknowingly putting me on this path and giving me some useful advice.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to “Had The Weather Been Different”

  1. it was an inconsequential decision to start riding again 10 or so years ago after a lapse of 15 years that I am sure convinced my wife to start riding. If I hadn’t been riding and if I hadn’t been able to take her she might not of ever had the courage to follow through on getting her own license and then eventually her own bike.


    1. Guy, thanks for bothering to read this and thanks for bothering to comment! I’m fascinated by how little we are actually in control when our lives can be changed for good or bad by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time.

      If it had been raining that night in Worcester I would not be typing this in the place I am. It’s all so complex that it makes my head hurt to think how one dry evening didn’t just change my life but uncountable others. All the folks I’ve since come into contact because my life took a certain path that evening have had their lives changed (to a greater or lesser extent). I’m not saying this is necessarily good, it’s just different. Butterfly’s wings and all that.

      Fantastic that your wife also took up riding. My wife has has a license for 30 years and tried to back to riding a few years ago but unfortunately couldn’t get on with it as she has a circulation problem with her hands which means she’d get pins and needles from holding the bars. She gets the same in a car but at least she can take one hand off the wheel relatively safely to exercise it.

      Thanks again Guy.

      Safe riding to you both.

      Shiny side up!




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