The Road to Nice: Days 5-10 Nice

What did I say earlier about resolutions?

I’ve been to this area 4 times in the last 10 years and each time I say I’m never bringing a bike down here again. I was hoping there would be some public transport available but unfortunately not where we were so if we wanted to go anywhere it was the bike or nothing.

Riding a bike in 30+ degrees is really no fun. Being British and an old git I won’t ride without gloves or an armoured jacket and that’s simply too uncomfortable.

Once the destination has been reached it’s locking the helmets and gloves in the top box and walking round dragging a piece of clothing that is more suited to a British winter. It’s perverse.

Even with ventilated jackets all that happens is you get hot air flowing through them (the hairdryer effect as I’ve noted before). It’s a minor gripe and I’m reminded how privileged we are every time I see a beggar in a doorway (and there were plenty of them)

I was hoping to visit a couple of the villages that Eric talks about but never quite roused myself to do many miles on the bike. Once again, sorry Eric.

The villa was pretty good though. Not the sort of place we’d normally stay in but my Dad left me some money …..

Oddly enough I didn’t take any photos although the rest of the family seemed to be taking plenty.

Even with the heat and my reluctance to ride the bike we managed a trip to Antibes and a day in Nice. I never really got Antibes. I went there 30 years ago and never saw the attraction and I still don’t.  I’ve always liked Nice though but carrying bike gear round is a real pain. I’m not bringing a bike to this area again in the summer.

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