The Road to Nice: Days 12-17 – Audelange

I’m not sure why but I wasn’t going to talk about the bits in between the the road trips. I’ve revised that when I realised the whole point of this was help me remember what I did and where I went.

So, Gite No. G1596 at Audelange. Superb location next to the river Doubs. A wonderful view over the river. A 20 minute easy stroll along the river to a bar in Rochefort-sur-Nenon and the Hotel Fernoux Coutenet with a very good restaurant. I’ve stayed in the hotel a few times on my way to Switzerland and really like it.

IMG_0066 IMG_0065

A very relaxed week. A couple of dinners at the hotel and a lot of BBQs at the gite. The outside seating area was completely covered and even in the torrential rain we had one day we could still sit outside all day without getting wet.

There is some kind of unwritten rule that when a holiday gite supplies pushbikes they are invariably in an unrideable state. Tyres need pumping up, brakes need adjusting, saddles need fixing and chains need oiling. Just the sort of things that blokes love doing while complaining about doing it.

The road outside the gite is part of Eurovelo 6, a cycle route that runs from Nantes to Budapest. We cycled as far as Dole (all of 5 miles probably). Having stayed in 3 medieval towns on the way down to Nice I can’t say that I was much taken with Dole. Pleasant enough but not a place that goes on my “must go there again” list.


10 years ago we’d have been out on the (motor) bikes every day but, as I’ve already said, now it’s a much more laid back affair. Nonetheless I enjoyed my trip out to see my French mate and his wife for lunch.

Biggest surprise of the week was throwing a double Yahtzee twice in successive games (although I was accused of having loaded dice). We know how to enjoy ourselves.

Well, where is it next year lads?

Rochefort DSC00099

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