The Road to Nice: Day 18 – June 20th 2015 : Audelange to Basel

I’d been planning this route for a while. Normally I’d just use the motorway but this year I wanted to avoid it as much as I could.

Once again I was in no rush (just as well as it turned out) and worked out a route which took me off the motorway at Montbeliard and then take the main roads to Basel avoiding the motorway. It was all going well until I got off the motorway and miscounted the exits on a roundabout and didn’t realise I was off course for another 20 miles as I wasn’t looking at the Zumo.

Do I turn back or let the Zumo find me another way? I went with the Zumo…..

Several missed turns later I found myself on a tiny mountain road which turned out to be a stroke of luck in one way as I’d been unable to find a suitable spot for a “rest”. A few miles up the road I came upon a gently tinkling stream just perfect for a gently tinkling “rest”. Sometimes it gets difficult to concentrate when you really need a “rest”.



When I finished my “rest” I could once again give some attention to the road which was becoming ever more technical. A narrow road, not a brilliant surface and some tight bends but very scenic.

This section had been widened which gave me somewhere to park the bike for a photo opportunity.


Checking back over the route I took it seems I went via Delemont and took the Schelten Pass to Mumliswil and then Langenbruck to pick up the main road to Basel. An interesting diversion to be sure but not at all what I intended.

I arrived an hour later than planned at my friend’s place just before it started raining heavily. Not too shabby in the end.

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